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Is The Rise of 5G Going to Kill The nbn™?

The ongoing rollout of the National Broadband Network has been put in a shadow recently: the looming rise of 5G has slowly become the elephant in the room. Which leads to a specific question: Is the rise of 5G going to kill the nbn™


BTB’s Unlimited nbn™ plans – This Is Why We Offer It

Australia has been undergoing a massive change in how we use the internet. To the point, we use a lot more of it. Since Netflix debuted in Australia, data downloads have doubled. In the three months to December 31 2017, Australians downloaded 3.6 million terabytes of data – up by nearly 40% from the year before. Mobile […]


BTB announce exclusive partnership with Optus Wholesale for nbn™ services

BTB are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Optus Wholesale for nbn™ services across Australia. With Layer 2 access directly to all 121 Points of Interconnect (POIs), we are able to offer wholesale access to our partners at every nbn™ enabled household and business.


nbn™ Business Ethernet TC2 Plans

NBN has updated their product roadmap to include business grade Ethernet plans available in a variety of new speeds from next quarter.


nbn™​ rollout gains momentum

Over 4.8 million premises across Australia are now able to order nbn™​ services.


NBN report reveals how fast broadband will revolutionise life

The NBN says access to fast broadband will transform all aspects of the Australian way of life.