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As traditional PBX phone equipment ages and becomes obsolete, businesses are seeking new-generation replacements for their telecommunication needs. SIP Trunking is simply the smartest, most efficient way to connect your business to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).
BTB offer only the most advanced SIP services; Telstra SIP Connect, Optus Evolve, AAPT SIP Focus and the most reliable of all, our own Private SIP solution.
What exactly is SIP?
SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and SIP Trunk Lines refer to the number of calls that can be made simultaneously.
Unlike traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires are delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk distributes voice, multimedia and video communications over the internet as data packets.

Why Use SIP Trunking in my Business?

It saves your customers money, for one. There are no physical lines that need to be maintained with a SIP Trunk, and due to lower price structures, it is considerably less expensive than a traditional telephone service.
Administration is a breeze. Adds, moves and changes can happen in a matter of minutes and they are immediately detected, making it easy to adjust the scale of your voice services to handle changing call volumes.
Our integrated management tools and centralised billing offer greater visibility and allow you to make smarter, faster decisions on how to manage and develop your business communications.
Whether your customers are on-site or working remotely, they can enjoy these features:
  • Voice calls, video conferencing and instant messaging
  • Address books synchronised between devices to keep you organised
  • Conference calls, with the ability to record calls for absent team members
  • Enhanced security – calls are encrypted unlike traditional phone lines
  • Integration with business systems such as your CRM, billing solution and calendars

BTB Private SIP

The Ultimate Solution
While we offer SIP solutions from all the Tier 1 providers, for the ultimate in performance and reliability our BTB Private SIP (BPS) is the premium choice. Traditional SIP solutions are still effectively offering a ‘best effort’ solution where sections of the IP data are travelling across the public internet, with little control over overall performance.
Our BPS is designed for pure reliability, performance and security. Your data transits across our NGN network, completely under our control, eliminating the variable performance of the public Internet and any third party issues.
Best of all, we can offer our BPS to your customers at no extra cost to traditional SIP.