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Cyberattacks are a Bigger Threat to your Business Than You Think

The number of warnings provided to SMEs over the past several years regarding cybercrime and hacking borders on torrential. It’s easier for many business owners to start ignoring this advice when they haven’t come under attack themselves.


DDoS Attacks Explained – And The One Key Thing That Can Protect You

It can be terrifying for any website or network to realise information has been hacked, but that’s not the only attack they should be worried about. By far, one of the most common threats affecting businesses of all shapes and sizes is a DDoS – a Distributed Denial of Service attack.


BTB’s Unlimited nbn™ plans – This Is Why We Offer It

Australia has been undergoing a massive change in how we use the internet. To the point, we use a lot more of it. Since Netflix debuted in Australia, data downloads have doubled. In the three months to December 31 2017, Australians downloaded 3.6 million terabytes of data – up by nearly 40% from the year before. Mobile […]


BTB announce exclusive partnership with Optus Wholesale for nbn™ services

BTB are proud to announce our exclusive partnership with Optus Wholesale for nbn™ services across Australia. With Layer 2 access directly to all 121 Points of Interconnect (POIs), we are able to offer wholesale access to our partners at every nbn™ enabled household and business.