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Mobile Pre-Porting Verification

Mobile Pre-Porting Verification

B2B Wholesale Pty Ltd (known as BTB) have introduced additional steps to verify the identity of those requesting mobile porting. This is to safeguard your personal or company mobile numbers being fraudulently ported without your permission.

Why are we taking these extra steps?

Mobile porting fraud has become a bigger issue in recent years. In line with the new Telecommunications (Mobile Number Pre-Porting Additional Identity Verification) Industry Standard 2020 that came into effect on 30 April 2020, we have introduced extra checks to safeguard your mobile number.

What verification is required?

If you request to port your mobile number to services provided by B2B Wholesale Pty Ltd, we will make a call to that number to verify that the person requesting the port is the owner of the mobile account, or an authorised representative.
If we are unable to successfully verify your identity by calling the mobile number, we may request additional verification via documentation including, but not limited to, a passport, drivers licence, or a birth certificate.

What should I do if I suspect my number has been fraudulently ported?

If you suspect that your mobile service number has been fraudulently ported you should immediately report the activity to: