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nbn™ Business Ethernet TC2 Plans

06 July 2017 nbn®, Technology

NBN has updated their product roadmap to include business grade Ethernet plans available in a variety of new speeds from next quarter. Utilising Traffic Class 2 these plans will be uncontended, symmetrical services delivering a Committed Information Rate (CIR).  Plans will be available in configurations from 5/5Mbps through to 40/40Mbps via FTTN and FTTB, while FTTP premises will be able to access plans all the way up to 100/100Mbps.

Traffic Classes

Most current nbn™ plans run on Traffic Class 4 (TC4), which is a best effort service suitable for home use and small businesses using email and Internet browsing.  TC2, on the other hand, is an enterprise grade traffic class used to deliver symmetrical Internet and is suitable for applications such as video conferencing, collaboration tools & IPTV.  It guarantees a 1:1 contention ratio and supports applications which are sensitive to latency and jitter.

Fixed Wireless

NBN has also announced new fixed wireless business grade services offering higher speeds and different traffic classes, available within 12 months.  Speeds include TC4 up to 100/40Mbps and TC2 up to 10Mbps.

Business Plan Competition

These new plans are encouraging developments in the nbn™ marketplace and will bring extra competition and competitive pricing to high end business plans, giving our RSPs further options when quoting proposals.

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