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Cloud Phone Systems

Next Generation IP Phones

Traditional PBX phone systems are complicated and expensive – Cloud PBX is the next generation IP based solution. Simple, more reliable, feature rich and cheaper.
What is a Cloud PBX?
Legacy PBX systems require complex and expensive hardware be installed in your customers’ premises and any changes mean onsite visits by technicians. Cloud PBX replaces all this with a more reliable software solution which resides in our data centres. Changes and new capabilities can instantly and rapidly be made via a simple management tool – no more expensive hardware maintenance or technicians required.

Why choose a Cloud PBX solution?

  • Cheaper than traditional PBX – reduces capital expenditure and removes maintenance costs.
  • Bundled PBX, access, voice services and handset solutions packaged into one simply monthly price.
  • Business-grade offering as opposed to a traditional ‘best effort’ hosted-PBX.
  • Accessed via a private, secure data connection which enhances the call quality and protects against hacking.
  • Fully redundant solution – multiple instances in different data centres means a Cloud PBX is far more reliable than traditional hardware.
  • Cloud based so the service can follow you wherever you go – easily relocate your business.
  • An excellent solution for multi site businesses with single dial plans.
  • Phone number retention – never change your phone number again.