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Boost set to launch nbn® broadband services enabled by BTB

22 March 2024 nbn®

A New Boost In Your Home

Boost expands beyond prepaid for the first time in its 24-year history, launches Boost Broadband to elevate the customer experience and drive value in new areas.

“We wake up every day and fight for our consumers. It’s time to shake things up.”

BOOST MOBILE, the world’s largest youth-focused telco brand, has today announced “Boost Broadband”, the launch of its new range of NBN (National Broadband Network) and NBN+ (High Speed Fibre to the home or workplace) offers, enabling Australians to access great deals on high-speed home internet from one of the most trusted telco brands in the country. It is the first time Boost Mobile has expanded beyond mobility offerings, where it has built a reputation for providing a great customer experience, great value and always fighting for the best deals for Australian consumers.

Through partnership with BTB Australia, the market leader in wholesale delivery of telecommunication services in the Australia market, Boost is now an Internet Service Provider (ISP), able to access an NBN delivery platform traditionally only available to large businesses, and offer a range of highly competitive NBN solutions to meet the needs of many Australian households who crave high speed internet.

Boost Mobile has been the fastest growing independently owned mobile brand in Australia for several years, as measured by organic customer acquisition, and has more than doubled its customer base in recent years.

This move beyond its leadership in prepaid reinforces Boost Mobile’s commitment to leverage the high trust and awareness from Australian consumers to expand the brand into new areas where it feels it can make a real difference through its delivery of a fantastic consumer experience, including strong customer service and value.

By focusing on both the consumer experience and value, Boost seeks to address the challenge sought by many Australian families to have high speed internet delivered by a strong and reliable local ISP.

Existing Boost Mobile customers will be offered a range of benefits for moving to Boost Connect NBN, while new customers will not just benefit from NBN and NBN+ services but access to special prepaid mobility offers. Boost Connect NBN services will all be easily managed via its newly developed My Boost Connect app.

“This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history”, Peter Adderton, Founder of Boost Mobile

“This is a major moment in Boost Mobile’s history as we expand beyond mobility for the first time. For 24 years we have been waking up every day and fighting for our consumers, making sure they get a great deal and a great service. As we close in on one million Australian prepaid mobile customers who trust us with their mobile communications, it only makes sense to also help them in their home,” says Peter Adderton, Founder of Boost Mobile.

“We made a commitment previously to expand into other areas of the telco industry that need disruption, and today is a first and very important step in fully capitalising on the trust that so many Australians have placed in us and the Boost brand. I thank the team at BTB for working with us to flesh this out and become our valued partner in bringing this to life.”

“The NBN market is flooded with brands who have delivered a poor consumer experience and questionable value such that the ACCC recently urged Australian households to shop around for their NBN broadband plans and check for any offers that represent better value for them. Australian consumers and small business continue to move away from the big old telco brands for their broadband connectivity towards more consumer-focused new brands like Boost. It’s time now for us to shake things up like we have done in prepaid,”

“It has never been more important to have fighting brands like Boost.”, Brendon Brackin, MD of BTB Australia

“It has never been more important to have fighting brands like Boost challenging the standard in the Australian telco market. Our new partnership is more than just a business collaboration, it’s a shared commitment to delivering Australians more choice than ever for NBN and a range of other solutions. We can’t wait to play our part in delivering Australians better options and backing the successful Boost team.” said Brendon Brackin, Managing Director of BTB Australia.

In addition to its new ISP business and NBN product offering, Boost Mobile has recently launched eSIM capabilities on its prepaid offerings, furthering empowering Australian consumers by making it simple to switch providers and save. It does so while providing great value and full coverage of the Telstra Network, now without the need for exchanging physical SIM cards.

About Boost Mobile

Since humble beginnings in August 2000, we’ve become a leading youth mobile brand. We’re here to give you more…

The team at Boost Mobile are dedicated to putting its customers first. With access to the full coverage of the Telstra Network, we’re pushing hard to bring you a great network, loads of data, no lock-in contracts with great value.

We support many of the country’s hottest artists, athletes, parties and events to bring you more rewards, content and VIP access just for being with us.

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