BTB Australia

Customer Service Team

Customer Service

You’ve worked hard to build your customer base and they demand high levels of service – we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation for outstanding support. Together our service team can help you grow your business and retain your customers by providing:
  • Australian based team talking to your customers.
  • Calls answered in your name as your brand.
  • Detailed measurement and metrics, including first call resolution, escalation rates and incidents resolved within 24 hours.
  • Customer satisfaction appraisals.
  • Customer retention teams who deal with difficult customers.
  • Dedicated team leaders perform ongoing quality assurance audits by sampling actual call recordings.
  • Full visibility and transparency of our processes – you can track and manage every transaction via our Salesforce CRM platform.
  • Lifelong learning – ongoing staff training which is essential in an industry where technology and regulations are constantly changing.

Service is our mission

We strive to improve the customer experience everyday.
Provisioning Team
Once your sales team lodges an order with us we take care of every detail. The provisioning team are the front line staff who ensure your customer actually receives their product. They perform many tasks such as:
  • Service qualification checks, determining what products your customer’s location can receive.
  • Quality assurance of all paperwork submitted, ensuring orders are not rejected.
  • Submission of orders into the Tier 1 providers’ systems.
  • Tracking of order progress.
  • Resolution of issues with products, building locations and order details.
  • Ensuring correct billing information.
  • Confirmation of successful order provisioning.

Debt Collection

Ensuring you have a healthy cash flow.
Credit Management
Cash flow and collections are vital to the ongoing health of a business – as part of BTB’s commitment to protect your business we provide a full debt collection service on your behalf.
When you grow your business with BTB you will receive:
  • A dedicated credit manager who manages your debtors, delayed payments due to complaints or issues, management of barring, suspension and credit reporting.
  • An extensive debt collection process, which includes SMS reminders, letters and automated and personal phone calls from our team.
  • Live reporting via our billing system CINDY on the status of your debtors.
It’s a truly effective approach – across our entire partner group, BTB has achieved a 99.8% collection rate on a 12 month rolling average.