BTB Australia

Inbound Calling

13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Effective marketing tools with inbound calling solutions.
Make your business number easy to remember with a range of national 13, 1300, and 1800 numbers and International toll free 0800 inbound services. Callers can reach you free of charge or at a flat local rate no matter where your business is located.
Our inbound calling solutions can also help you manage incoming calls based on where the caller is located (e.g. postcode or state), time of call (day of week, time of day, day of year), and where it should be answered or redirected if the main number is busy.

Service types

  • Access 13 – a 6 digit number making it memorable and easy to dial for a local call charge anywhere in Australia.
  • Access 1300 – similar to the Access 13 service, but 10 digits in length.
  • Free Access 1800 – a 10 digit number free to the calling party.

Easy, effective marketing

Make your business stand out with memorable inbound numbers and phone words.

Key Features

  • Portable – if your business changes location, there is no need to change your numbers, simply point the number to your new location.
  • Call Origin Routing – directs calls to the most appropriate number per exchange, call area, state or region, based on their approximate geographical location.
  • Time Dependent Routing – directs calls to the appropriate number or message out of hours or during local public holidays.
  • Call Barring – prevent calls from parties or locations your customer doesn’t want to receive or pay for.
  • Call Overflow – diverts calls to alternative destinations if the primary destination is busy.
  • Voicemail – enables calls to be answered by a voicemail system.
  • Fax – allows receipt by a never busy fax service.
  • Porting – Enables customers to bring their existing or new Smart Number across to your service.