BTB Australia

Our Financial Model

Ongoing recurring revenue

Our model is entirely simple: you sell to your customers and we provide all the complex back-end systems, wholesale arrangements, billing, customer service, help desk and account management.
After a once-off setup fee, all we charge is a small, flat monthly management fee. That’s it. Fair and simple. No complicated terms, no sales targets, no worrying about pressures or termination threats. You bill at whatever pace and rate you like.
Once a customer is signed up, you receive ongoing recurring revenue, at whatever margin you set. Month after month, for as long as you retain your customer.

No Sales Targets

Own your customer base, receive ongoing recurring revenue & no sales targets required.
A fairer model
For too long, the telco world has been about high pressure selling, unfair commissions and complicated contracts. We recognised that a fairer and simpler model would benefit everyone – so we built BTB upon a true win-win model. We only make money if your business succeeds – if you don’t bill, we don’t charge. Really.

A Valuable Asset

Enjoy healthy profits, build a true valuable asset with a real exit strategy.
Build a sellable asset
The customer base you build is a valuable asset that can be resold if you wish to exit the market. Depending on the size of your customer base, the market has proven to pay 1.5 to 7 times annualised profits.

Grow Rapidly

Scale your business quickly by partnering with BTB.
It is easy to scale up your business by partnering with BTB. With our 70+ staff working on your behalf, you’re able to grow your business without worrying about infrastructure costs, technology changes or having to dramatically increase your staffing levels.