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MPLS Networks


Secure Networks for Multisite Offices
When your customer has multiple offices that need to share data an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network offers a secure, flexible, cost efficient and highly redundant solution.
An MPLS joins all your customer sites into one private secure network allowing all offices to share data without it travelling across the public Internet.

MPLS Benefits

  • Cost efficient as all offices can share a single data plan.
  • Reduce IT costs as there is no need for firewalls and routers at each individual site – everything is moved to a single managed cloud service.
  • Provide quality of service (QoS); you can prioritise certain types of traffic. Eg ensuring your IP based phone system is crystal clear while multiple staff are sending large files.
  • Increased reliability as hosted services have redundant connections and multiple backups.
  • Secure – interoffice data never touches the public Internet.
  • Highly scalable – provide different speeds to each office depending upon data requirements.
  • Monitoring, router management and reporting tools to ensure the network is performing optimally at all times.