BTB Australia


We have been a leader in providing small businesses in Queensland with phone system solutions, SIP/VOIP, and Internet services for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on delivering what customers need, doing it the right way, and making it simple.
We have been a dealer of many of the big telecommunications brands to be left with nothing more than customers that didn’t get what they expected and our commissions cut off based on a change of direction by management! We partnered with BTB 7 years ago and have never looked back.
“Our relationship with BTB is a true win-win, and we have real ownership and control of our customer base.” Cathy Haley, Director
Our relationship is a true win-win partnership and it feels like we are supported as one of their extended family. The products and services we have been able to provide have helped grow our business with strong revenue and flexible solutions that really meet our customers’ needs. The unique business model has helped increase the value of our business significantly. It is gratifying to work with the customer focused people at BTB that genuinely want to help and work with us.
From a financial perspective, the recurring income stream has stabilised our business giving us a platform to grow. Gone are the days of worrying about what we have sold each month and wondering if the meagre commissions will pay the bills, the recurring income allows us to strategically plan and target the business we want to win.
It gives us great comfort that we have built a significant asset with BTB. We now have a true exit strategy that secures our future if we decided to leave the telecommunications industry. We only wish we had joined BTB years earlier, as we would be even further ahead.

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